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Keep up to date with the latest news from Fire Forensics, including media, events and more.

Introducing Our Revamped Technical Review and Scene Buddy System


At Fire Forensics we are always looking at ways to improve the quality of our investigations and reporting. Over the last several months, we have introduced an additional step into our investigations, the Scene Buddy System...


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Blog: Training Week at Fire Forensics
By Vera Shakari, Fire Forensics Trainee Fire Investigator

"The first day was catered to learning more about electrical fires and how the change in AUS standards have been pivotal in the decreased frequency of electrical fires there have been throughout the years..."


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Fire Forensics Achieve ISO Certifications

We are pleased to announce we have been officially certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Having both these certifications allows us to continue to supply our clients with confidence in the quality of our work whilst protecting their data by adhering to these internationally recognised standards.


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The Importance of Education in Fire Mitigation

March 2022

"To limit the losses of a mine-site fire, plant operators should know how to respond when an inferno hits. A fire suppression system is not the only consideration..."


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Defeating Electrical Fires with Fire Forensics

08 November 2021

"Fuel-driven fires are one thing, electrical fires are another. Fire Forensics senior investigator Vicky Dayalan explains how mining companies can save lives and money with regular maintenance..."


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The Heat is on to Stay Safe


16 September 2021

"In Australia, mine sites face strict regulations to ensure operations are undertaken safely. With countless variables requiring consideration at these sites every day, sometimes incidents do occur..."


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Uprising Documentary Series


03 August 2021

Fire Forensics Founder & Senior Investigator Jim Munday features in the documentary series Uprising for BBC One UK, in relation to an investigation he conducted on a fire that "defined race relations in Britain". 

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Suspicious Fire Under The Microscope


06 July 2021

"Fire Forensics managing director and senior investigator Belinda Jane (BJ) Jones was enlisted to examine a fire that had occurred on a Hitachi excavator at a major coal mine in Mozambique, Africa..."


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Conferences: Fire Australia 2021 and AustMine 2021

May 2021

Fire Forensics recently exhibited at two conferences in May 2021; Fire Australia 2021 in Sydney and AustMine 2021 in Perth. Read about our highlights and experiences networking with the industry face to face after a challenging year. 


Fire Forensics Brings Truth to the Ashes

20 May 2021

"Fire Forensics applies the most astute investigative skills to help companies get to the bottom of a mysterious fire or explosion..."


The UoN Crim Podcast

By The UON Criminology and Criminal Justice Society

18 April 2021

Fire Forensics Managing Director & Senior Investigator BJ Jones caught up with Isabella from The UoN Crim Podcast to discuss all things fire investigation, share some insider investigation tips and discuss interesting cases from her extensive career.


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