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Grader machinery fire at mine site

A fire occurred on a grader being operated within a mine site after the operator noted the power dropped and the fire suppression alarm was activated.


Deliberate Fire in Commercial Premises

Smoke was reported by occupants of a residence above a shop where a fire was believed to have been deliberately lit.

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Legal Aid Court Case

A woman was charged with deliberately setting a fire in her house, putting her partner and child at risk.


Nissan Navara

A perfect example of someone starting a fire within their vehicle but not understanding the science behind what they had done.


Quad Bike

A new quad bike was met with fire in this case, which took place on a large property.

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Convenience Store Arson Investigation

The owner of a greengrocer convenience store was charged with criminal offences after a suspicious fire arose at the store after-hours.

kitchen - laundry alcove showing dryer.JPG

Beauty Salon Dryer Fire

A Sydney beauty salon was heavily affected by fire after staff had left for the evening, with extensive damage to multiple treatment rooms.


Gas-fired Bakery Oven

A $10m industrial bakery oven caught fire due to a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance. 


Marijuana Grow House Fire

Illegal wiring installed for a house set up to grow marijuana caught fire.



Three excavators and one loader with a capital loss in excess of $30 million USD.

4 Left side of tyre handler.JPG

Fuel Spillage Personal Injury

A mine worker suffered severe injuries when a fire occurred as he was filling a vehicle with diesel.

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Tractor Fire in Machinery Shed

The contents of a machinery shed was affected by fire and smoke after a tractor caught fire within the shed.

EJ House case study pic 1.JPG

The Mosquito Coil

An unattended mosquito coil caused a fire at a family home.


ACT Deceased Fire

A house fire resulted in the devastating death of a resident of the home. 

EJ Car case study pic 1.JPG

Three Vehicles & a Family Home

A family had a very close call with a fire resulting in three vehicles and their house being written off.