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Frances Feasey

Operations Manager

About Frances


Frances has been working for Fire Forensics for approx. 3 years in an administrative capacity. Prior to this  she has worked for the last 15 years in various administration and visitor services roles such as in the Museum sector for the government and other government bodies such as the Western Sydney Park Trust.



What do you most enjoy about working in the fire and explosion investigation industry?

I like problem solving and working with the team of investigators because they are a curious and hardworking bunch. I enjoy helping them logistically with the jobs they are assigned to by making sure they have everything they need and are well informed of the facts from the clients before they begin.


What do you believe sets Fire Forensics apart from other investigation companies?

I have never worked with such a passionate group of people who love what they do and are dedicated to their field of expertise. The team’s pool of knowledge in the industry is outstanding and they generously share that knowledge amongst their fellow workers, students and with others who need their assistance. If there is ever a problem or a conundrum that needs solving they generally tackle it as a team and try to best resolve the issue with the client’s needs first and foremost.


What are you most looking forward to achieving with Fire Forensics in 2022?

Meeting new clients and sharing with them the variety of types of jobs we’ve undertaken and our success rate as well as what we’ve achieved such as our ISO accreditation.

What are your favourite things to do during your down-time?

I enjoy bush walking and being creative with painting and drawing.

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