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Fire Investigation Global

Gardiner Associates Training and Research (GATR)

Forensic Metallurgy &
Failure Analysis

We are part of the Fire Investigation Global group of companies. In addition to our company, FI Global businesses operate from offices and laboratories in the UK, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and USA.

GATR is the pre-eminent fire investigation education and training provider to public and private sectors. We have been closely involved with this work since 1999. It also provides research facilities for fire and crime scene investigation and related disciplines.

We have access to specialist forensic metallurgy support including failure, wear and corrosion investigation, alloy composition analysis, and electrical conductor examination.

Chemical Analysis

Electrical and Electronic


We work with a number of reputable and accredited external laboratories providing our core analysis requirements, including GC-MS identification of suspected ignitable liquids and material identifications such as plastics and fibres. We maintain close contact with other forensic science providers we call on where required.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we work closely with carefully selected electrical and electronic engineering specialists who we sub-contract relevant parts of an investigation to when required.

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