Aaron Markey

Investigator | BSc (Forensic Science), GradCertFI, MIAAI

About Aaron

Aaron is the newest member to our team and holds a Bachelor of Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry degree from University of Technology Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Fire Investigation from Charles Sturt University.

Aaron joined Fire Forensics as an intern in 2018 and is now a qualified fire investigator. Since the start of his career, Aaron has been involved in a range of fire and explosion investigations, including bushfires, heavy machinery, commercial buildings, domestic violence and criminal cases. He also been involved in a number of legal proceedings throughout her career.

As part of his ongoing professional development, he has also studied with the world-renowned Gardiner Associates Training and Research in the UK during 2019 by completing their Advanced Fire & Explosion Course and Practical Course.


Aarons specialist area of interest is vehicle fires, in which he has already investigated or been involved in roughly 30 vehicle fires. In 2021, Aaron plans to gain both the IAAI FIT (Fire Investigation Technician) and the NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators credentials. Also, during 2020 he was appointed as a committee member of the NSW Association of Fire Investigators.



What inspired you to enter the fire and explosion investigation industry?

During my degree at UTS I was exploring multiple avenues of forensics, when I met Jim, BJ and Vicky during a presentation they were doing on fire and explosion investigation. It was safe to say I was hooked on them from day dot.. I was absolutely fascinated at the idea of focusing my forensic skills towards such a niche area of forensics, whilst completely consumed by fire, the unpredictability of it and how these three amazing people were able to solve problems that I never thought were solvable. From that day, I was hooked on their job, career paths and their passion towards what they do, and have now adopted my own path.


Can you tell us about the most interesting or rewarding case you’ve investigated?

It’s definitely hard to pick the most interesting or rewarding case, as they all are! If I had to narrow it down to one specific case, it would be that of a house fire in Mandurama, central west NSW. It was a deliberate fire that was lit by the insured’s son, whilst the insured and her daughter was inside. The circumstances on the day of the event were completely wild and the scene was left in a state that would dictate absolute chaos. It has definitely stuck with me and although it wasn’t necessarily a rewarding case, it was one of a few life lessons this job has taught me already.


What is your main area of interest or speciality, and why is this area important to you?

For me, vehicle fires are definitely my biggest interest, and although I love cases that involve house fires, vehicles have a certain level of complexity within such a small space that I find extremely interesting and challenging. Vehicles fires are certainly not always simple, and the circumstances surrounding the event can vary drastically.

What do you most enjoy about working in the fire and explosion investigation industry?

I enjoy the responsibility and challenge that every scene presents. No two scenes are the same, making this a very unique and highly challenging role.


What do you believe sets Fire Forensics apart from other investigation companies?

Where do I begin…. I believe our attitude, dedication to quality and our knowledge of the industry and the science involved, sets us apart from the competition as we are always striving to be better investigators. We are constantly up-skilling, training and learning from the best in the business, in order to be the very best fire investigators we can be.


Can you share your proudest career moment?

For me, I have a few moments that make me proud of who I am and what I do. There have been several cases in which i have discovered that the fire was deliberately lit, that the public sector had missed or could not solve, however, the proudest moment of my career so far would definitely be the day my traineeship ended and both BJ and Jim called me to tell me ‘I was ready’. The idea that they had confidence and trust in me to get the job done and with such high standards made me very proud.

What are you most looking forward to achieving with Fire Forensics in 2021?

I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility within the company and achieving international certification, from both NAFI and the IAAI.


What are your favourite things to do during your down-time?

HA! I don’t have a lot of down time. I like to run, surf, swim or go on a big hike through the bush. Would never turn a good book away though.